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Any of the people who frequent my proximity know that I have a deep respect for teachers. Real teachers. People who devote all of their soul and being to helping a budding mind blossom. People who love that devotion. People who look past the paycheck. One day, if I’ve learned enough, I think I might like to try my hand at teaching. After all, if it weren’t for those few devoted souls in my life, I wouldn’t quite be who I am today. I hope you’re enjoying your labor day, teachers. I mean… everyone else too… but especially the teachers.


For those of you forgetting that this the weekend, just wanted to send the vital reminder to turn up. That’s all.


She’s in the middle of a project where she has to take a photo every fifteen minutes. Seems I caught her at one of these quarter marks. There may or may not be another photo of me somewhere now. At some point. Carry on, artists.






I remember everybody in middle school rapping this during lunch

Luda was that nigga


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My sentiments on this final day of August. What a month you’ve been. Shamelessly cue Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ and dance into the moonlight. See you in September!


We’re all out here trying to make it. Where precisely ‘it’ is for each one of us may differ either marginally or massively, but we’re for certain in the same body of water, travelling from one end to the next.


Drowning in this

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Vertu Ella is how she’s called. You can catch up with this Fashion journalist and stylist via or on Instagram @VertuElla_

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I’m ugly but my dick iight

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It’s about that time and I’ve got to run. Splendid chatting with you. Good night!

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American Ballet Theatre corps Kaho Ogawa 10 pirouettes

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